Approach to Neuropsychology

I am experienced in Neuropsychological Assessment of people of all ages, in NHS and private Memory Clinics, in medical-legal Court settings, and in private practice with individuals and agencies providing support and rehabilitation.

Neuropsychology has been the centre of my work in clinical psychology for over thirty years. I have a special interest in the Neuropsychology of the Emotions, as set-out in Jaak Panksepp’s Affective Neuroscience and in my own books Emotional First Aid, Couple Dynamics, and Pulsation.

Practical Neuropsychology Assessment

I work both independently and through agencies, Neuro Rehab UK ( and Fast Track to Health (, which provide multidisciplinary assessment and support services. I also work with clinical psychologist colleagues at London Trauma Specialists: I also do medical-legal neuropsychological assessments in civil and criminal cases. I work at London Trauma Specialists in Central London, at various clinical premises outside London, or through home visits within Greater London and East Anglia.

Diagnosis of neurological conditions (i.e. conditions related to changes in the brain due to illness or injury) is made by medical specialists in the NHS or privately. A neuropsychology assessment can contribute to diagnosis or lead to a review of the diagnosis, and it can indicate deterioration or improvement. Most importantly for the client and their family, it can help them understand and adapt to current functioning. As a clinical neuropsychologist I can offer suggestions about rehabilitation to the client and to other health professionals (e.g. medical doctors, nurses and occupational therapists). I can also provide brief psychotherapy consultations for client and / or family as needed.

Where appropriate I provide a Brief Neuropsychology Assessment ‘package’, consisting of a 2 hour interview including testing, and a letter to the client (copied to the GP if requested) summarizing findings and recommendations.

In my assessments I mainly use CANTAB Insight, which is at the leading edge of modern neuropsychology assessment. Insight has been developed over many years by Cambridge Cognition. Instead of the more usual and time-consuming pencil and paper testing, in Insight the client uses an iPad touch-screen in a series of tests of abilities which are sensitive to neurological damage: Executive Function, Processing Speed, Attention, Working Memory, and Episodic Memory. The Insight assessment takes about 30 minutes and provides immediate results. It is both highly efficient and user-friendly.

For details and a brief Video about Cantab Insight, see:

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